Destination Sri Radhavallabh Vrindavan Introduction

The appearance of Lord-Krishna, the reincarnation of the almighty with complete “sixteen-kala” avtar with his Divine-love consorts Sri Radha more than five thousands year age in “Brij-India”; is a well accepted fact of life by the people of India and not a mere legend of Historians.

In the lap of nature, in Vrindavan with its cluster of forests and meadows surrounded by the revered river Yamuna, the almighty mingled with the people of the land, making on destination of cast and creed. The purest from of divine love play with Sri Radha displayed by him, opened up the most secluded, rarest and the super most path of “Ras-Bhakti”, hitherto unknown to the world.

The forces of creation and sustenance, in effect Mother Nature herself, reincarnated around Him as Sri Radha, and her companions. Lord Krishna’s haunting flute sweetest melodies was the call of God and followers happily abandoned worldly attachments to serve God and joy in this garden of nature.

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 23 Dec आज से एक मास तक   मंगला से पूर्व खिचड़ी भोग लगे! मंगला में नित्य नयी फरगुल धारण होय ! मंगला के उपरान्त श्रीजी भेष बदलकर छद्म की झांकी दें!


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